Terry Clark


Sandhills Community College Digital Photography 2018

Richmond Community College Advanced Photography 1981

Richmond Community College Basic Photography 1980

It seems i always had a camera around.  I remember playing around with cheap 126 mm cameras when I was very young.  Somewhere around age 9 or 10,  I was given a Poloroid Swinger for Christmas. You have to have a little age on you to remember these.  But, you took the image, removed it from the camera, waved it around for a minute or so, peeled it apart, and voila, a black and white print.  When races were being held at nearby Rockingham Dragway, my dad would take me to a road where we knew the cars would be returning from the track.  I learned to pan with the haulers to keep them from being blurred in the photo while still showing background motion.  My first adventure in motorsports photography, and a skill I am still trying to perfect.


It was some years later that I bought my first real camera, a 35mm Mamiya/Sekor and the result was much better photos.  Friends and family began asking for photos I had taken and that motivated me to wanting to take better quality images.  I took classes, and upgraded to Nikon at the recommendation of a teacher.  After a conversation with the sports editor of the local newspaper, I found myself covering motorsports for The Richmond County  Daily Journal.  Soon after, my photos could be found in publications such as:  Quick Times Racing News, IHRA Drag Review, Super Stock, and RJ Reynolds promotional material.

My portrait work was also in demand, so I teamed up with best friend Tommy Sinclair to establish T&T Photography, specializing in weddings and portraits.


Unfortunately, trying to work a 'real' job and maintain the photography business took it's toll, so I stepped away from photography to focus on family.


With children grown and retirement looming, I have returned to what I have enjoyed since I was young.  I have been welcomed into the motorsports community, and am an official photographer at Rockingham Dragway, and can also occasionally be found at other tracks across the nation. 


While I am not doing weddings at this time, I am doing portraiture and events, as well as landscape photography, which I do so enjoy.


Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoy what you find on this site.  You can find more photos on the facebook page, just click on the link.